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Custom Communication Platform

2-Way SMS, MMS, Voice Fax & email
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Two-way Texting for Independent Pharmacies

Communication has always been critical to patient care. Now, conversations between patients and health providers are shifting to new channels as technologies and industry regulations evolve.


Refill reminders are an important service for all your patients. RxReach call center technology allows you to contact patients and provide refill reminders over the phone in the most cost-effective way and improve compliance.


Easily create custom broadcasts to educate patients about health topics, medical conditions, local events or any other resource  to educate and increase consumer awareness and improve revenue effortlessly.


Let your patients know about health programs, discounts or sales events at your pharmacy to help improve loyalty and improve revenue cost-effectively for as little as 6 cents per minute per call/text. Bring customers in to your store with RxReach.

Keyboard and Mouse

Program Features

Web Based Account Management - Changes in Real Time

Send and receive messages at scale with Messaging

Secure 2-Way messaging

FREE Database Usage - National Database Available

PerfectDelivery™ - Answering Machine Message Delivery

We Dial 100% Of Your List - No 'Problem' or 'Error' calls

FREE Simultaneous Call Limitation

FREE Do-Not-Call Maintenance

FREE Caller Hang up Notification Service

FREE Caller-ID Notification

Secure/Encrypted Network Communications

SMS/VOICE/FAX All Included

Pay only for what you use — no commitments necessary


Our team at RxReach is working hard around the clock in order to improve patients’ health outcomes. In addition to keeping our Network Pharmacies growing their business, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. We provide each customer with personalized attention and reliable services that make getting healthy convenient. With a holistic approach and comprehensive medication reminder protocols, we’re serving our customers by giving them an easy and effortless process to the medication compliance, reminders  and services they need and deserve. Increase prescription refills and grow revenue for just pennies a day.

Failure to fill prescriptions is a serious problem in the United States. Prescriptions not filled represent an obvious loss in sales for the Healthcare industry at an estimated $15 to $20 billion annually, according to The National Pharmaceutical Council. In addition, non-compliance is attributed to increased hospital, nursing home, and doctor visits, and loss of productivity – factors with an annual estimate in excess of $100 billion.

Educating and reminding patients is a proven solution for improving compliance. Alert Solutions’ Prescription Refill Reminder Service will call patients at home to remind them to fill their prescription.

Pharmacies now have the ability to leverage messaging to improve customer loyalty through customized communication, reduce abandoned refills and improved efficiency of pharmacy staff.

Our alert system offers unsurpassed speed and capacity, giving you the ability to reach thousands of customers within a matter of minutes. Our FastQuoteRx you can identify your Medicare eligible patients and provide them witha custom Medicare Part D plan that benefits your pharmacy and save patients thousands.

The system is 100% web-based, giving you the ability to deploy a message from any location. Only a telephone or a computer with Internet access is required to send your message.

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Compete and thrive with telemedicine uniquely designed for community pharmacies

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Attract new customers to your pharmacy using local dispensing data to bring in more cash business

intelligent reports on demand 

Use your in-house  dispensing data to get insight in to your business intelligently !





eCommerce and delivery platform to provide the best-in-class logistics for pharmacies



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