Over 10,000 people turn 65 each day in The United States. Keeping patients on the right Medicare plan at your pharmacy just got easier. FastQuoteRx is the latest and the fastest way to compare plans and enroll patients at the pharmacy with the transparency to  improve and drive up pharmacy profits. Patients with a plan comparison save an average of $750 / year. Your patients can now use pharmacy-generated enrollment codes to compare in-network plans without visiting the pharmacy. You can Text, email or print on demand with RxReach. Best of all it's offered at no charge !

Because the enrollment period is already historically confusing, it’s always wise to start educating your patients early. If it’s getting down to the wire, however, be prepared to offer advice, answer questions, and assist your customers in plan comparisons in as many ways as possible:

  • Contact your customers who qualify and ask them if they have questions – they may feel a bit embarrassed about not understanding the process. Reaching out to them first can help put them at ease and get them to enroll quicker and with less anxiety.

  • Print up flyers and bag stuffers letting customers know the enrollment period is coming up and you’re there to answer any questions they may have.

  • Update social media graphics to include reminders about the enrollment period and your pharmacy’s ability to help.

  • Schedule some time every day to be available to speak to customers and address any concerns they may have regarding their Medicare Part D coverage.

Your Medicare patients rely on you for guidance when it comes to choosing a Medicare plan. Our tailored solution offers the resources you need to ensure you’re providing the best care possible.



Plan Comparison

Analyzes patient data, pharmacy data, and plan information to deliver comparisons for Part D, Medicare Advantage, and Medigap plans in seconds.

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Medicare Open Enrollment is a particularly important period for your pharmacy.

Start the season off right with detailed information to help you track past plan comparisons and the performance for your retained patients. View plan detail and help your patients enroll in plans that reduces out-of-pocket costs and make health care more predictable with FastQuoteRx.


In seconds provide Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and LIS plans and provide a unbiased results to help patients enroll in a plan that benefits your store.

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