Easy-to-Use Interface

Takes only minutes to learn and seconds to use. Quickly and simply account for, communicate with, and coordinate among all personnel.

Message Builder

Inserts data fields such as names, dates, times, etc. from a spreadsheet into audio messages to create fully personalized, customized, natural-sounding messages.

Call Scheduling

Creates a message and schedules delivery for a future date and time.


Converts typed text to an audio file and delivers a natural-sounding voice message.


Multi-Channel​ Notifications

Sends mass notification messages via phone, SMS text and email simultaneously, or choose a preference per message.

Hot Key Transfer

Allows call recipients to use a touch-tone response to connect back to a live person.

Routine Message Storage

Stores and sends pre-recorded messages to any list of contacts – saves time, eliminates the need to re-record the same messages.

Caller ID Customization

Allows you to select the caller ID your customers will see when you message

Automatic Retry 

Incrementally re-dials busy and no-answer numbers.


Allows you to send messages to specific individuals or groups by dividing your contact list into subgroups—up to 99 subgroups.

Two Way Communication

Two-way communication allows message recipients to respond to alerts they receive, and have responses tallied in a report.

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