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Engage Patients in More Ways than One

Did you know there are more ways to use RxReach other than simply texting?

Over the last several years, health care has seen a shift from volume-based to value-based reimbursement. When we designed RxReach we wanted new ways for community pharmacies to provide high touch services. RxReach is not just another texting service or a one-size-fits-all platforms which are limited to one thing and one thing only. Here are some new ways you can use RxReach at your pharmacy:

1. Medication Management and Reminder program

More pharmacies are providing medication management systems such as multi-dose packaging. These systems have been proven to improve compliance. But how about combining medication reminders for the time of the day the patients takes the medication. With RxReach you can create unlimited recurring medication reminders.

2. Cholesterol Adherence

For just pennies a day you can help patients take prescribed medication on time and every time with a simple 2-way text messaging. Lower DIR fees by improving adherence

3. Diabetes Adherence

A pharmacy’s adherence rating is based on proportion of days covered (PDC) for its patients. Schedule recurring daily message to encourage the patient to comply with their drug regimen.

4. Hypertension adherence

Pharmacies must focus of educating the patient to help reduce complications of hypertension and improve compliance. Using 2-way messaging and automated calls can truly help patients comply for better outcomes.

5. Gap Therapy: Statin

CMS determined that all patients receiving medication for diabetes should also receive a statin. This measure shows what percentage of a pharmacy’s diabetes patients are receiving a statin as recommended. Improve therapy by informing and educating patients.

6. Comprehensive Medication Review

For this measure, EQuIPP takes the number of patients eligible for a CMR and compares it to the number that actually received a review. Easily schedule your CMR by letting the patients know they are due and help connect them to your pharmacy to schedule one at their convenience.

7. Medicare Enrollment

Each day more than 10,000 people turn 65 years of age. Community pharmacies are in a perfect position to inform and educate patients about Medicare Part D and help them enroll in a pharmacy friendly plan. FastQuoteRx available only to partner pharmacies can help patients cut through confusing information and misinformation and helps you retain your clients.

8. Specialty Medication

If you offer specialty medications at your pharmacy, our interactive program helps patients stay on track. Medication dosing & refill reminders, weekly progress reports on goals for taking medicine correctly (daily and weekly therapies), Optional alerts available for caregivers, Nutrition information and other tips.

9. Inexpensive and cost-efficient

Our state-of-the-art system helps you reduce costs, improve efficiencies in your pharmacy and frees employees to do what’s important which is to provide the best care around. With no enrollment fees or monthly charges, you simply pay as little as 5 ¢ for a call, SMS/MMS & fax.

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