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More and more pharmacies are becoming aware of the benefits of using modern communication channels to have better conversations with patients. Sending letters, and making manual phone calls are fine, but they can all too often become an expensive, inconvenient and laborious way to spend resource.

Forward-thinking pharmacies have realised that they stand a better chance of having successful communications by targeting patients’ mobile devices. SMS represents a great way to do this. It’s inexpensive, simple for patients to understand, and has an unequalled open rate of 95%.

Sending repeat prescriptions through SMS also means that:

  • Patients can save time at the pharmacy by only picking up medications when they’re ready

  • Patients will receive advanced notice of when they’re about to run out of medication.

The key to future engagement for pharmacies is providing the tools required for patients to self-serve. Actions which have traditionally required a physical interaction with an actual pharmacist (E.g. a manual call to make an appointment) can all be automated by using next-generation communication technologies.

Voice/SMS Landing Pages will allow pharmacies to perform the following actions:

  • Health Events and Alerts

  • Refill Reminders

  • Products or services availability

  • Employee Updates

  • Send offers and coupons

  • Surveys

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