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Professional Networking Ideas to Help You Grow

If you want to grow your business and attract more patients to your pharmacy, you need to network. The term schmoozing is used to talk about networking. When you informally and intimately interact with others for potential future networking or camaraderie possibilities then you can be considered to be schmoozing.

Network connections will create business opportunities in their own unique ways. And each of them requires a unique approach to networking.

1. Prescribers

Prescriptions are generated through the prescribers. So, building a wide network with prescribers at hospitals, nursing homes, and private practices can drive new patients to your pharmacy. For some prescribers, you may want to use 15 minutes to simply discuss your pharmacy and the prescriber’s needs. For others, you could use the time to showcase your expertise with a short presentation. Or, you could simply describe a service your pharmacy offers and ask prescribers to let their patients know.

2. Other Professionals and Colleagues

This can include individuals involved in the pharmacy industry who you could benefit from. Because your pharmacy is a small business providing health care, you benefit from a variety of professionals such as:

· Consultants

· Other independent pharmacy owners

· Pharmacy accountants

· Pharmacy associations

· Professional services organizations

· Vendors

· Wholesalers

A good network of industry professionals will keep you up-to-date on the resources, products, and technology that can improve your business. One such networking platform geared toward pharmacists is

Connecting online gives people an opportunity to view your profile and get to know you initially if you can’t meet them in person. You won’t have time to meet everyone, and online networking is better than none at all. And, on you can join groups, ask questions, make blog posts, and send direct messages to others on LinkedIn.

How to get industry professionals into your network:

Talk with different individuals at conferences about your pharmacy and its needs.

After your meeting, follow up with the individuals you’re interested in talking with more. Send a note, an email, or give them a phone call. Networks established at conferences can quickly dissipate if you don’t keep the connection warm.

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