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Simple Ways to Transform Pharmacy Communication

One of the primary barriers to adopting new technologies is financial concerns. Implementing new communications infrastructure for the pharmacy teams has been a complicated and daunting task. However, improving communications technology can lead to more productivity from your team and reduced costs in the long run.

Community Pharmacies can optimize care by focusing on several key factors:

1. Recognize how improved communication can help accomplish goals.

Breakdowns in communication play a role in over 70% of all patient’s dissatisfaction with pharmacy services. In addition to higher satisfaction and less staff turnover, improved communication can lead to improved patient outcomes.

2. Focus on organizational bottlenecks.

Poor communication often undermines treatment at several points within the care continuum. Focusing on improving communication at specific bottlenecks, such as identifying and communicating with patients needing attention can lead to better quality care. For example, one pharmacy shortened the time it took to deliver important notifications to their patients simply by an automated technology solution that provided easier access to patient information and notifications.

3. Connect care team communications with the data.

Successful communications platforms can help your pharmacy reduce the time it takes to get the information exactly and accurately to those needing attention. Using Pharmacy Management Systems to harvest important information is vital to these communications such as medication reminders, availability of services, surveys & related products.

4. Choose one system that can be adopted effortlessly for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

A pharmacy may come into contact with 50 to 100 different patients in any given day. Being able to reach your patients in the most effective way is the key to successful communication. Using calls or texting are proven to be the best ways to reach your patients.

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