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Text Reminders for Medication Management

The study of 580 Medicare members of a national pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) found that patients receiving text message reminders had better medication adherence rates than those who did not – 85 percent vs. 77 percent. The adherence rates for those taking chronic anti-diabetes medication were even higher – 91 percent vs. 82 percent. Medication adherence is defined as the extent to which patients take their medications as instructed by a physician.

Text messages and emerging technologies offer new opportunities to educate and engage patients so they can improve their health and ultimately rein in their health care costs.

RxReach text-based medication reminder offers a high level of customization to create an engaging experience for each unique patient:

  • Ask for a response from patients to confirm medication or device compliance, such as Y or N

  • Patients can text back their own free response, including confirmation of pharmaceutical drug name, dosage, and time taken.

  • Our text-based software is also compatible with picture messaging if visual medication confirmation is needed with MMS

  • Automated text “nudges” or gentle reminders to take a medication can be sent if initial text was not confirmed within a specified time frame.

Community pharmacies can provide a unique service to ensure patient compliance, reduce hospitalization and to help reduce DIR fees. You can create as many custom messages to as many people as often as you like.

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